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"Cellist Gary Hoffman affords Mendelssohn music high respect" - The Strad

Cellist Gary Hoffman and pianist David Selig have been duo partners ever since the cellist's win the 1986 Rostropovich International Cello Competition, and their pleasure in playing together is still palpable in this recording.
The less frequently performed B flat major Sonata has a gentle naturewhich they capture with obvious affection. The first theme's rising arpeggio is elegantly turned and they give the development a thoughtful exploratory feel, while the genial contentment of the finale's rondo theme makes you smile every time it appears around a new corner.
The Canadian-Australian pair takes the more extrovert D major Sonata at a virtuosic pace, but the player's excellent articulation mean that nothing is lost, and much excitement gained. The Adagio lack is inherent meditative, improvisational feel at this speed, but their finale is delightful, its descending semiquaver sequences pouring out effortlessly like frothy liquid.