Gary Hoffman’s style is characterised by fullness of sound, instrumental mastery and exceptional artistic sensibility.

Gary Hoffman made his debut at the Wigmore Hall in London at the age of fifteen, quickly followed by New York. At the age of twenty-two he became the youngest faculty appointee in the history of the Indiana University School of Music. After winning the Premier Grand Prix of the Rostropovich International Competition in Paris in 1986, he embarked on an international career, appearing with the world’s most noted orchestras, in major recital and chamber music series and at prestigious festivals.

🙏 2022 already has a very bright side…..

To all of us for whom music is such an important part of our existence, the Very Best and Happiest New Year. While we live in difficult times, we can remind ourselves of our blessings, and there are many.
For me, personally, to have spent the last 8 days in Liège at the Philharmonie, recording all the works of Ludwig van Beethoven for cello and piano with my close friend David Selig, and with the expert and and sympathetic collaboration of Dominique Daigremont and Frédéric Briant, all of which was organized by La Dolce Volta, is a blessing of immeasurable significance, and one I’ll always treasure.

Featured Video

Short interview with Gary Hoffman for a concert at the Tel-Aviv museum of art.

Concert series Music Director: Ilan Rechtman.
Courtesy: Gilad Shabani